As per Commission’s direction, a register for maintenance of day to day accounts of Election expenditure will be given to each nomination candidates, while filing nomination in all the four Assembly Constituencies comprised in Ramanathapuram District. They will be asked to submit their election expenditure in three to four days i.e. from.      . 2016 to. .      2016. As per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, Personal Assistant (Accounts) has been appointed as Nodal Officer for Election Expenditure and one Accounting Team has been formed in each Assembly Constituency comprised in Ramanathapuram District. Four Assistant Treasury Officers are appointed to help the Observers to check the candidates election expenses. A rate chart list also given to the Accounts Officers to help them at the time of auditing the accounts. All the candidates will be asked to maintain accounts from their date of acceptance of nominations and all expenses incurred on account of Election campaign even before that date should also be brought to their first day accounts. The Accounting Team shall work under the guidance of Assistant Expenditure observer in maintaining the shadow observation Register with Folder of Evidence.