Sivagangai district co-operative milk producer’s union Ltd., Karaikudi

  • Sivagangai district co-operative milk producer’s union started and functioning from 1983.
  • Sivagangai Union consists of Sivagangai & Ramanathapuram Revenue Districts. In which 332 societies are procuring milk from 12,318 milk producers’. Now the present procurement is 66,000 LPD.
  • Sivagangai Union is having a Dairy with 50,000 LPD handling capacity at Karaikudi & Milk Chilling Centres at Sivagangai with a handling capacity of 10,000 LPD and 12 BMC’s with a handling capacity of 52,000 LPD at various places in two districts.
  • Union engaging 32 Milk collection route contract vehicles for milk procurement on contract basis.
  • Milk sale of the union are 37000 LPD, Excess milk of 24000 LPD being sent to federation.
  • Milk product sales of the union are Rs.24.00 Lakhs per month.
  • Union engaging 13 Milk distribution vehicles for milk sales on contract basis.
  • At present 1 Hitech parlour is functioning and planned to start another 3 Hitech parlour in current year.
  • 4 Aavin parlors are running successfully in government offices.
  • Union selling milk products through 20 MPCS Parlors in Sivagangai and Ramanathapuram district.
  • NADP doorstep veterinary services are provided through 10 veterinary units for the past 7 years to MPCS members. Moreover 1500 Cattles are insured with subsidy.
  • Union provides Rs.2/- Per Kg as subsidy for cattle feed and Rs.20/- Per Kg as subsidy for mineral mixture for the welfare of the Milk producers.
  • Union is earning profit.
  • Milk cost payment to the producers paid once in 10 days without pending.
  • The Sanctioned employees in the manpower chart were 132; presently 92 employees are working in the union.
  • From December 2016 onwards for the welfare of employees Rs.1,91,215/- is being paid as pension and family pension for 66 retired employees.
  • Union provides ½ Litre free milk for 66 retired employees.

Details of Estimated Scheme for Running Years:

  • NABARD 2017-18,A project value for the worth of Rs.461.50 Lakhs is sanctioned for infrastructure development.
  • Three Hi-Tech Parlours are proposed at the estimate of Rs. 100 Lakhs in Karaikudi, Sivagangai District & at Rameshwaram Ramnad District

Contact Details:

VRD 793,Sivagangai District Co operative Milk Producers,union Limited.,AAVIN
O Siruvayal Road , Kazhanivasal,
Karaikudi – 2.
Phone : 04565255701/255702
Fax : 04565 -255700
Email : aaavinsgi[at]gmail[dot]com/aavin14kkd[at]gmail[dot]com