Co-operation, Food and Consumer Protection

The office of the Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Ramanathapuram Region is a district level office functioning under the Control of Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Chennai. The Joint Registrars office is located in the Ramanathapuram District Collectorate Campus at Treasury Building First floor. The offices of the circle Deputy Registrars of Cooperative Societies functioning in the Ramanathapuram District are Ramanathapuram, Paramakudi, Circles. They are functioning are under the control of the Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies. The office of the Deputy Registrar (PDS) also functioning at Treasury Building First floor floor of the Ramanathapuram Collectorate under the control of the Joint Registrar.

Details of the societies functioining in the Ramanathapuram District under the control of the Cooperative Department
S.No Type of Societies Ramanathapuram Circle Paramakudi Circle Total
1 District Central Cooperative Bank 1 1
2 District Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Stores 1 1
3 District Cooperative Union 1 1
4 Primary Agricultural and Rural Development Bank 1 3 4
5 Urban Cooperative Bank 1 3 4
6 Agricultural Producers Cooperative Marketing Society 2 2 4
7 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society 47 84 131
8 Employees Cooperative Credit and Thrift society 23 11 34
9 Primary Cooperative Stores 0 1 1
10 Employees Cooperative Stores 1 0 1
11 Student Cooperative Stores 2 0 2
Total 80 104 184

Details of the Loans Provided by the District Central Cooperative Bank and Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies

Crop Loan

Crop Loans are being issued for Paddy cultivation in Dry Land at the rate of Rs.14,900 /- Per Acre, for Groundnut Rs.13,300/- Per Acre and for Sugarcane Rs.47,000/- Per Acre.

Jewel Mortgage Loan

Normal Jewel Loan and Agri Jewel Loan are the two Type of Jewel Loan issued to ‘A’ Class and Associate members in Cooperative Societies . Normal Jewel loan maximam loan limit is Rs.10,00,000/- per member at the interest rate of 11.25% p.a. Agriculture Jewel Loans are issued to the ‘A’ Class member of the PACCS following the same procedure in the issue of Crop Loans. Maximum limit per member is Rs.3,00,000/- . June 30th is the due date for Paddy Crop and for Sugarcane crop the period of loan is one year. No interest will be charged if the crop loan is repaid within the due date.

Medium Term Loan (Under Personal Surety)

Medium Term Loan issued for Petti Shop, Milch Animal, Sheep Breeding and Small Business upto Rs.50,000/-on personal surety.

Medium Term Loan for Mini Dairy (1+5), Poultry, Tractor.etc

Loan are being issued for the purpose of Mini Dairy, Poultry Farming and purchase of Tractor for Rs.2,50,000/- to Rs.9,50,000/- depending upon the size of the unit on the Mortgage of Fixed Assets.

Small Irrigation Loan – Borewell, Motor, Drip Irrigation

Loans are being issued upto Rs.2,00,000/- for Borewell and other small irrigation purposes

Loan for the Diffenently Abled Persons

Loans are being given to Diffenently Abled Persons upto Rs.Rs.50,000/- on personal surety for Petty Shop, Provisional Stores etc., Interest rate for Women beneficiaries is 4.0% only.

Self Help Group Loans based on savings

Women Self Help Group having minimum 12 members and upto 20 members can avail loan from Rs.50,000/- to Rs.10,00,000/- per group for small business purposes on the basis of the savings held by the groups.

TABCEDCO LOAN for Backward Classes

Tamilnadu Backward Class Economic Development Corporation (TABCEDCO) Loans are being given to individual persons of Backward Class and self help groups. Loans given to individual person for doing small business upto Rs.2,00,000/- at the interest rate of 6% P.a. and the Self Help Group loan are given upto Rs.10,00,000/- at the interest rate of 4% p.a.

TAMCO LOAN (Minorities)

Tamilnadu Minority Community Development Corporation (TAMCO) loans are being given to the individuals of minority community upto Rs.50,000/- at the rate of 7%p.a. Self Help Group Loans are also given upto Rs.10,00,000/- for small business purposes at the interest rate of 7% p.a.

Housing Loan

Loans are being given to the salary earners working in Government and Public Sector Undertakings for House Construction Purpose upto Rs.10,00,000/- on the basis of their income.

Women Entrepreneur Loans

Loans are being given to Women Entrepreneurs upto Rs.3,00,000/- on the basis of their business needs.

Produce Pledge Loan

These loans are being given by the PACCS and Cooperative Marketing Societies to its members on the pledge of their agricultural produce which are being kept at the Godown of such Societeies. Loans given upto Rs.5,00,000/- per member.

Salary Loan / Personal Loan

These loans are being given to Government Employees upto Rs.1,00,000/- on the basis of their Pay Certificate.

Co-Operation Food and Consumer Protection

Public Distribution System

Under Tamil Nadu State Government’s Public Distribution System there are 777 Fair Price Shops functioning in Ramanathapuram District, which include 559 Full Time Shops and 218 Part Time Shops. And out of those Fair Price Shops 521 Full Time Shops and 217 Part Time Shops, totally 738 Shops are run by the Cooperative institutions under the control of Registrar of Cooperative Societies. There are 358532 Family Cards which have been attached with those 777 Fair Price Shops.

Aim of Public Distribution System

The goal of the Public Distribution System is to ensure food security to all citizens, particularly the poor people, by making available the essential commodities of good quality at affordable prices every month, through Fair Price Shops which are easily accessible.


The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken steps to computerize fully the Public Distribution System and distributed Smart Family Cards to all eligible public by replacing the existing Family Cards. Hence, the essential commodities are being distributed to the members of the family and not to others and thereby the pilferage is avoided. For the distribution of essential commodities, the Point of Sale (POS) machines where supplied to all Fair Price Shops. And the cellphone number of the family head and the Aadhar Cards numbers of the family members have been linked with the Smart Cards. Because of this linkage the bogus enrolment of members and malpractices have been avoided. A ‘SMS’ is being sent automatically to the registered mobile number of the card holders. Due to the introduction of this Smart Family Card System, the essential commodities are being distributed to the real beneficiaries only.

As the Public Distribution System is Full Computerized, the POS machines and the smart cards are linked with Government PDS website. All data relating to Fair Price Shops ie., Opening stock, Allotment and Liftment of Essential Commodities are uploaded in the website then and there. Thereby it has been made transparent to the Public about the availability of Essential Commodities in the Fair Price Shops.

Moreover it is made possible to make Monthly Allotment actually required in Fair Price Shops on the basis of Opening Stock available and Sales made in previous month. Hence keeping of abnormal stock in a particular shop is being avoided.

The Inspection of Fair Price Shops by Officials and Field staff is also made through POS machines. Hence Stock deficit and irregularities, If any noticed, are easily monitored by the higher authorities.

Once the Essential Commodities are moved to the Fair Price Shops, the have been uploaded In the POS Machines also. Hence irregularities at the time of movement are completely eradicated.

By the use of POS machines the card holders can get the actual quantity they are entitled. Hence supply of lesser quantity, if any, by the salesmen can be questioned by the card holders.

As the Public Distribution System is computerized, it is also made easier to transfer a Smart Card from one shop to another shop. Moreover the addition of a new member or deletion of a existing members could be made easily through Common Service Centers or by Online.

Category Full Time Shops Part Time Shops Total No.of Family Cards
Cooperative Institutions under the control of RCS 521 217 738 330119
TNCSC 19 0 19 21243
Other Cooperatives 6 1 7 2733
Mahalir Self Help Groups 13 0 13 4437
Total 559 218 777 358532
Category No.of Family Cards
Rice Family Cards 308939
Sugar option Cards 6328
AAY Cards 39924
Police Cards 1285
Forest Cards 0
None Cards 189
Thatkal Cards 0
OAP Cards 1761
ANP Cards 106
Total 358532


Essential Commodities are moved from the TNCSC Godowns to the Fair Price Shops asper the Route Chart approved by the District Collector, Ramanathapuram. In Ramanathapuram District essential commodities are moved by the Lead Society of the Distinct ie., Ramanathapuram District Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Stores (RAMCO Stores) to 578 Fair Price Shops including the shops run by RAMCO Stores, Ramanathapuram CMS and 84 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies. Moreover the Self Lifting Societies namely the Paramakudi Cooperative Marketing Society, Kamuthi Cooperative Marketing Society and the Thiruvadanai Taluk Cooperative Marketing Society are lifting essential commodities for the rest of 160 Fair Price Shops run by them.

Movement of essential commodities are keenly watched by the Deputy Registrar (Public Distribution System) Ramanathapuram and the Cooperative Sub Registrars (PDS) on daily basis. The movement clerks are insisted to go with the movement lorries to the Fair Price Shops without fail and to unload the essential commodities in the presences of the Fair Price Shop salesman concerned.

Before, the advance movement of essential commodities have been started only from 21st of every month. Now in view of completing 60% advance movement within the end of the month, it is ordered that the advance movement should be started from 18th of every month from February 2018 onwards.


In order to ensure that the essential commodities are supplied to the card holders properly, regular inspection of Fair Price Shops is insisted. Targets have been fixed in this regard for Regional Joint Registrar to inspect 25 Fair Price Shops, for Deputy Registrar (PDS) 50 shops and for each Cooperative Sub Registrar (PDS) 45 shops every month. And it has been reviewed in weekly review meetings.


In view of Computerizing the activities of Public Distribution System, the Tamil Nadu Government have planned to introduce Point of Sales (POS) machines for billing in Fair Price Shops. In Ramanathapuram District all the 777 Fair Price Shops are supplied with POS machines and brought into use from 01.06.2017. The work of seeding the cell phone numbers of the card holders and the Aadhaar numbers of the Family members have been completed. Hence the card holders are ensured with the facility of receiving SMS about the essential commodities supplied to their cards and the price of those commodities.