The goal of Public Distribution system (PDS) is to ensure food security to all Citizens particularly poor people by making available of essential commodities of good quality at affordable prices every month through Fair Price Shops (FPS) which is easily accessible.

Objectives of Public Distribution System

  • Ensuring easy accessibility of Fair Price Shops by Cardholders
  • Ensuring availability of Essential Commodities at the right time every month
  • Protecting Citizens from ill effects of rise in price of essential Commodities, especially for the poorest who cannot withstand price escalation.

Activities of the Department

  • Timely, controlled and well planned movement of essential commodities through route charts and momentary
  • Reduction of leakages through system improvements, tightened enforcement and deterrent criminal actions.
  • End to end computerized distribution activities like ePOS system, Biometric Authenticated distribution. Error free and Correct allotment and planned movement of essential commodities to Fair Price Shops through E-Governance.

Officers involved in PDS and their responsibilities

  1. District Supply and Consumer Protection Officer- Overall monitoring of the system through ST(Civil Supplies), Taluk Supply Officers, and Flying squad.
  2. Regional Manager, Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation- Procurement of quality essential commodities, Movement and Supply of those essential Commodities.
  3. Joint Registrar(Co-operative)- Running and governing Fair Price Shops through its Co-Operative Societies and distribution of essential commodities to public.
  4. Civil Supplies CID- Responsible for effective tightened enforcement and deterrent Criminal action against malpractices like smuggling and black marketing.Which includes initiating action against errant public whoinvolved in selling the essential commodities which is supplied to them instead of consuming personally were booked under 6A of Tamilnadu Essential Commodities act-1955

Fair Price Shops

In Ramanathapuram District 778 Fair Price Shops are operating as below.

S.No. FPS run by Agency Part time Full time Total
1 TNCSC 0 19 19
2 Co-operative 218 522 740
3 Other Co-Operative


1 6 7
4 Mahalir Shops 0 12 12
219 559 778

Family Card Types

S.No. Type of Card Commodities entitled
1. PHH Rice(5kg Per member), Wheat, Sugar, Toordhall, Palmoil and Kerosene ( for “0” and Cylinder Card holders)
2. PHH-AAY Rice(35kg) , Wheat, Sugar, Toordhall, Palmoil and Kerosene (for “0” and “1” Cylinder Card holders)
3. NPHH Rice (One member 12kg, 4kg Per additional member with maximum limit of 20kg) , Wheat, Sugar, Toordhall, Palmoil and Kerosene(for “0” and “1” Cylinder Card holders )
4. NPHH-S All Commodities except rice.
5. NPHH-NC No Commodity Card
  • NPH – Non Priority Household Card
  • PHH – Priority Household Card
  • AAY – Anthyodya Anna Yojana Card

Note:As our District announced as Aspiration District, Fortified rice is being distributed to PHH and AAY card holders from December 2022 onwards.

Total Number of Cards as on November-2022
Total cards-3,98,665
NPHH Cards- 1,57,862
PHH Cards-2,00,167
PHH-AAY Cards- 40,636

How to Get a New Card or Make Corrections or Reprint a Card

Apply through E sevai center and online via in person with required documents as below table.

Service Type Documents Needed and Eligibility Criteria
New Smart Card
  • Should be individual separate cooking household
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of Gas Cylinder Connection
Card Mutations
  • Supportive Proof documents like Birth Certificate, Proof of identity, proof of address etc.
Reprint of Smart Card
  • Missing and Mutated Cards Should be  reprinted.
  • After apply through online Cardholder must pay Rs.20 for Printing Charges to Concerned TSO/ST of respective Taluk Supply Office.

Grievance Redressal

Residents can make a call, register through web or send email seeking redressal of grievances. A State Level Toll free PDS Helpline is functional under short code 1967 and 1800-425-5901. Residents of Tamil Nadu can contact the said numbers for any queries / complaints / suggestions. Public can register a complaint through SMS ( By sending SMS “PDS 107” to 9773904050 from registered mobile number). Besides this public portal has provisions for registering complaints on line. This has enabled to synchronize the complaint redressal mechanism as a single window system and the cardholders now find it easy to register their complaints / grievances and get remedy.

Social Audit

Tamil Nadu Food Security Rules-2017 mandates the conduct of Social Audit at least once a year in order to keep the public aware of the functioning of Public Distribution System, Fair Price Shops and their entitlements. Such social audit is being conducted on Republic day, October 2nd(Gandhi jayanthi), Independence day and any other specific dates on which State Government announces to conduct such Social audit . All records of Fair Price Shops are submitted before the Gramasabha on the day of Social Audit. The complaints received in Gramsabha are reported to the District Grievance Redressal Officer and the redressal details shall be informed to the Gramasabha within a week. The PHH and AAY beneficiaries list is also submitted before Gramasabha for approval. Thus the benefits of Public Distribution System reaches the Public is ensured.

Contact Details of department

Ramanathapuram District Revenue Officer, Collector Office Ramanathapuram. 04567-230610 9445000926 dro[dot]tnrmd[at]nic[dot]in
Ramanathapuram District Supply and Consumer Protection Office,

Collector Office campus

Ramanathapuram-623 503

04567-230506 9445000362 dso[dot]rmd[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in
Ramanathapuram Special Tahsildar (CS), Taluk Office, Ramanathapuram 9445000363 tsormd[dot]ramnad[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in
Rameswaram Taluk Supply Office, Taluk Office Complex, Rameswaram 9445000364 tsormd[dot]rameshwaram[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in
Thiruvadanai Taluk Supply Office, Taluk Office Complex, Thiruvadanai 9445000365 tsormd[dot]thiruvadanai[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in
Paramakudi Taluk Supply Office, Taluk Office Complex, Paramakudi 9445000366 tsormd[dot]paramakudi[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in
Mudukulathur Taluk Supply Office, Taluk Office Complex, Mudukulathur 9445000367 tsormd[dot]mudukulathur[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in
Kadaladi Taluk Supply Office, Taluk Office Complex, Kadaladi 9445000368 tsormd[dot]kadaladi[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in
Kamuthi Taluk Supply Office, Taluk Office Complex, Kamuthi 9445000369 tsormd[dot]kamuthi[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in