Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihoods Mission (Mahalir Thittam)

The Government of Tamil Nadu is implementing a special scheme called Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission from the year 2012-13. The Mission activities are funded by Government of India and the State Government in the ratio of 60:40.

The objectives of TNSRLM is to build strong and vibrant institutional platforms of the poor in the rural areas which enable them to increase their household incomes through livelihood enhancements and access to financial and other services. Under this scheme the target group comprises of poor and vulnerable section of the community. The target people are organized into active Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities

Implementation of Schemes

Self Help Group

In Ramanathapuram District out of11 blocks TNSRLM Project has been launched in 4 Blocks under Phase – I [2012-13], and in 2 Blocks under Phase – II [2013-14].The main object of the project is upliftment and sustainability of Rural poor’s livelihood.So far 8704 women SHGS were formed in all blocks. For identification of active, disintegrated and defunct groups ”SHG Baseline Survey” is being done in the district.

Seed Money

Target has been fixed for 250 SHGs for the year 2017-2018, which has been completed to a tune of Rs.37,50,000/-

Credit Linkage to Women SHGs

Out of the total target of Rs.605.00 Crores as Credit Linkage to Women SHGs from the financial year 2013-2014 to 2016-2017 the PIU has achieved Rs.616.80 Crores. The target under Credit Linkage for the year 2017.2018 is fixed at Rs.210 Crores in which Rs.211.36 Crores has been 100% achieved.

Bulk loan lending to PLF

An amount of Rs.123,85 crores has been sanctioned through banks to 256 PLFs as PLF bulk loan during the period from 2013-14 to 2016-17.
And a target for the year 2017-18 under bulk loan lending fixed to 7 PLFs. Out of which an amount of Rs.5.26 crores has been sanctioned to 7 PLFs entire target has been completed.

Individual Assistance

An amount of Rs.18265000/- has been sanctioned as Individual Assistance for 1405 Differentlyabled persons during the year 2014-2017 and a sum of Rs.17108000/- has been sanctioned to 1316 vulnerable persons as Individual Assistance.

Enterpreneurship Development Training (EDT)

EDT Training to 100 Women SHG members were imparted during the year 2012-2013, on various trades. (Tailoring, Expiratory, Fish Pickles, Fish Net Making, Assistant Cook and Try Fish Making)

National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM)

Under NULM project so far 118 Self Help Groups were formed in Ramanathapuram district. A&R Training and SHG members training were given to all 118 group members

A sum of Rs.118.00 Lakhs has been sanctioned to 118 SHGs as Revolving fund.

During the year 2017-2018 an amount of Rs.2440 lakhs has been sanctioned to 690 SHG members under credit linkage scheme.

Employment Through Skill Training and Placement (ESTP Training)

2016-2017- Employment Through Skill Training and Placement (ESTP Training)

Welfare Programme (School Education)

SNo. Name of the Institution Course No of Candidates Duration Remarks
1 Annai Thereasal Charitable Trust , Ramanathapuram Accounts Assistants Using Tally 59 72 days Course completed
2 Annai Thereasal Charitable Trust Paramakudi Accounts Assistants Using Tally 60 72 days Course completed
Total 119

2017-2018 Employment Through Skill Training and Placement (ESTP Training)

SNo. Name of the Institution Name of the Centre Course No of Candidates Duration Remarks
1 JEYRAM Educational Trust, Ariyalur Paramakudi Sampling Tailor 29 90 days On going
2 Aajeevika Skill Paramakudi Domestic Data Entry Operator 25 72 days On going
3 PRN – TN2014RT3851 Ramanathapuram Domestic Data Entry Operator 46 72 days On going
Total 100

DDU-GKY Skill Placement Training

During the year 2012-2013 630 Youths among the rural area in Ramanathapuram District.

630 candidates were trained in different courses viz., Tally, JCB Operators, LMV Driver, Tailoring, Nursing, Front Office Management, etc.,

During the year 2014-2015 570 Youths among the rural area in Ramanathapuram District.

570 candidates were trained in different courses viz., Tailoring, Nursing, Lady Conductor, Beautician, Tally, JCB Operators, LMV Driver, Tailoring, Nursing, Front Office Management, etc.,

A proposal for DDU-GKY short team course to improve the livelihood of the Youth in coastal area of Ramanathapuram District. for 600 youth amounted to Rs.1.21 Crores has been sent to Managing Director, TNCDW, The proposal was sent for the courses viz., Marine Engine Mechanic, Pump and Pumping System Mechanic , Ship Air Condition System Mechanic Processing of Fishes and their By Products . Cook Continental, Bedside Assistant, DTP and Print Publishing Assistant and Computer Hardware Assistant, So as to enable the youth of fishermen community to engage in alternative livelihood activities.

Project Life Training

During the year 2016-2017 630 Youths among the rural area selected from families of MGNERGS workers in Ramanathapuram District.

630 candidates were trained in different courses viz., Computer Hardware Assistant – I, Accounts Assistant using Tally-I. Driver cum Mechanic-I, Beauty Therapy and Hair Styling level 1-II, Laboratory Assistant, Tailor (Basic Sewing Operator, Electrician Domestic, Driver with Mechanic, Tailor (Basic Sewing Operator), Driver cum Mechanic-I, DTP and Print Publishing Assistant, etc.,

MUDRA loan

A separate MUDRA loan mela was conducted on 07.02.2018 During the mela representatives of all the banks in Ramanathapuram district were participated. In the loan mela, 1140 loan applications of our SHG members were received from the eligible beneficiaries and loan was sanctioned to 1065 beneficiaries and loan amount disbursed 1065 beneficiaries of amount Rs.335.68 Lakhs 100% target has been achieved .

Amma Two Wheeler Schemes

Under this scheme out of the target of 1920 Vehicles, 250 no. of vehicles have been distributed so far to a tune of Rs.62,50,000/-. Further approval has been obtained, from District level Committee for distribution of 800 vehicles which have to be distributed after receiving fund from the Government.